CS-Cart — leading marketplace software.

The most popular platform for starting a marketplace fast.

CS-Cart — leading marketplace software.

The most popular platform for starting a marketplace fast.

CS-Cart has helped 50,000 companies worldwide to successfully build and grow their online business

The largest all-in-one marketplace in India with 28 million products.

• 28 million products
• 350,000 sellers
A fashion house and retailer in London, whose garments have been worn by Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians.
The most "delicious" marketplace in Great Britain selling artisan food.
A Wikipedia for farmers with its own marketplace, where people can search for anything related to agricultural production and buy it online.
A marketplace for sustainable and ethical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products from independent brands around the world, committed to social and environmental responsibility.
A community with a big and important mission—to reduce plastic waste by creating an alternative global recycling system.

Discovering CS-Cart in 5 minutes

What you can build with CS-Cart

Open a fully-featured marketplace to grow your business

Online marketplace

Quickly start an eCommerce marketplace to test your hypothesis

Minimum viable marketplace

Build a large secure eCommerce marketplace that can easily handle high loads

Enterprise marketplace

Offer your customers a marketplace in their phones and manage the platform in a web admin panel

Mobile marketplace

Start a B2B online shop or marketplace to sell products to businesses

B2B eCommerce

Open a classic online shop to sell products to end consumers

B2C eCommerce

Order from us a fully customized shop or marketplace according to your specs

Custom eCommerce project

Integrate our eCommerce platform to your existing eCommerce website

Headless eCommerce

Launch fast, scale vast—the fundamental idea we put in CS-Cart

Start your marketplace on the CS-Cart platform within 3 months. Grow horizontally and vertically thanks to outstanding customizability.

Fast Start

500+ features are ready for any marketplace business scenario
17 years of ongoing improvement and over 1,600 marketplaces worldwide
2,000+ add-ons and themes and 250 partner developers worldwide
Short time-to-market is critically important in today's eCommerce. You're faster than your competitors—you're the winner. You're slower—you're a loser.

With CS-Cart, you can start an online marketplace faster than your competitors.

Vast Growth

Have you heard the saying "Hell devours the indolent"? That's exactly how business works. If the business doesn't move and grow it stops existing.

The platform your marketplace is based on must support the growth. It must scale when and the way you need it. Like CS-Cart does.
courses for both developers and entrepreneurs
Mobile app with open code
an app for sellers and buyers perfectly tailored to their needs
modular architecture with clear code for easier development
Clear architecture
absolute freedom in customizing the platform
Open source code
a well-known and over-the-years proven language for web applications
PHP core

Not just marketplace platform, but ecosystem

Award-winning solution for creating an online marketplace

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has been the leading marketplace website builder on G2 and SourceForge for the last three years. It has been included in Capterra Shortlist of eCommerce Software twice in 2021 and 2022 as the leading platform for marketplace creation.

What our customers say

"After a thorough research for more than 3 months we were confident that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor had the most features for the price compared to any of its competitors."
Pritish A.
E-Commerce Specialist
"There are detailed manuals and video instructions, not only for beginners, a large forum and active community, developers, marketplace, and a good help desk."
Milan P.
"CS-Cart was so easy to install and configure, and great value for money without compromising on any of the key functionality, quality and reliability we needed."
Phill K.
Founder and CEO
"I really like scalability of CS-Cart. It was not overwhelming for me to use when I started few years ago, and now as we grow, we are still able to utilise its advanced features."
Masha S.

Who's behind CS-Cart

Who's behind CS-Cart

17 years in eCommerce software market

Our customers' success is our success. We give businesses a ready platform to launch an eCommerce website in days and help them increase audience reach, enter new regions, grow product ranges, take over new niches, and penetrate new markets.

Worldwide-distributed team

To offer the best experience and lighting-fast reaction, we are located worldwide: USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Georgia, and other countries.

Proven technologies

We develop our marketplace software with popular technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and React Native. So you can easily find a developer to customize your project, should you wish.
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